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Meet the Director

April 6, 2012
Bob Bretsch is a clinical psychologist who specializes in children and family issues. He has been happily married for over thirty nine years and has two adult children. Presently he is enjoying his grandson as he enters his high school years. Bob is a counselor, teacher, writer and amateur golfer who enjoys people and sports. Bob has taught on the college level, been a high school counselor, served as pastor of several churches, has written for numerous magazines and is presently writing a book on spiritual connections and their importance to our identity and mental wholeness.

Bob grew up in the Far East. From the third grade until college, he was immersed in various cultures and loves to hear the cultural stories and histories of any country he visits. His worldview is shaped extensively by his early upbringing in vibrant, culturally-rich countries. He realizes there is more than one way to do anything and he brings this approach into his therapeutic and professional encounters. His work, at present, finds its roots in Portland, Oregon where he and his wife founded Portland Kids, now called Empowered Kidz, and is moving the program to other parts of the country and often travels outside the Portland area to accomplish this goal. His resilience based work with children in giving each child the tools of resilience anchors itself in providing entry level work such as summer day camp programs as well as after-school, fun Saturdays, and week-night activities which lead to deeper and richer relationships resulting in developing optimistic and successful young adults. His commitment to any child who joins the program to remain in contact and support with them for 12 years…from six years of age to eighteen…makes Empowered Kidz a unique approach to developing hopeful adults.

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